Top fabric trends of 2018! – Find your perfect fabric!

September 01st. 2017

If you are trying to find the perfect dress that works for you, then choosing the right fabric is one of the most important points to begin with. Different fabrics have an individual look and will determine your comfort level and your whole wedding look.

To make it easier for you to understand, we will break it into two separate groups: Structured and soft. Usually, a wedding dress is made up of a combination of fabrics on specific areas like a detailed bodice or underskirt while soft fabrics add more romance and elegance to your wedding dress.

Lace is always a romantic option however pure simplicity was a 2018 wedding dress trend. Beautiful gowns made from Satin and Mikado in a simple shape were seen on the bridal catwalk. These gowns add a beautiful purity to your wedding day.

Common structured fabrics:

  1. Satin

Sometimes it’s referred to as “Duchess Satin”. It’s heavy, plain & lustrous, mostly popular due to dress shape and natural sheen. Ideal for traditional, formal weddings, but not suggested for hot seasons due to its heavy structure.

  1. Mikado

Mikado is the focal point of many collections of dresses. A fine fabric suited to classic lines & Shapes. It’s a fantastic choice for simple wedding dresses, as its opulent shine and texture add glamour and intrigue to an understated silhouette.

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