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Top fabric trends of 2018! – Find your perfect fabric!

September 01st. 2017

If you are trying to find the perfect dress that works for you, then choosing the right fabric is one of the most important points to begin with. Different fabrics have an individual look and will determine your comfort level and your whole wedding look. To make it easier for you to understand, we will break it into two separate …Read more

4 Top tips for choosing your wedding flowers

June 26th. 2017

You want your wedding flowers to be beautiful and here at Lilac Rose Bridal we have compiled top tips to help you understand the world of choosing your bridal flowers. As you might already know, some flowers are only available depending on the season. Be open minded about flower types for your wedding day. There is nothing more disheartening for …Read more

5 tips for shopping for Bridesmaid Dresses

June 01st. 2017

Now you Have found your perfect dress, its time to start another gown shopping journey – the quest for the perfect bridesmaid dresses. No Matter your wedding style or size of your bridal party, we have narrowed down everything you need to know to find the right dresses for your girls. Here at Lilac Rose Bridal we have combined 5 …Read more

50 shades of Pink! – Blush wedding dresses for 2017!

February 10th. 2017

We are all about keeping up with the latest trends in each season here at Lilac Rose Bridal, and that includes the blush wedding dress! While pastel blues and vivid Lilacs are popping up this spring season, pink is reigning supreme as the non-white bridal color of choice this season for your wedding dress. From the lightest, barely there blush …Read more

Shopping for Vintage Wedding Dresses

November 16th. 2015

So you have your heart set on a vintage wedding dress? The bad news is, most genuine vintage wedding dresses are teeny tiny and usually beyond most modern shapes. But the good news is that vintage styles are so enduring that most designers will reference decades gone by with their own design, so you get the best of both worlds. …Read more

And we’re live…

May 31st. 2013

Ok giant novelty scissors, check, big red satin ribbon, check, toothy grin, check. SNIP! It is with great pleasure and utmost delight that I give you the Lilac Rose website. Ok maybe a bit over the top but after months and months of mood boards, research, late nights, too many bowls of cereal to remember, love and passion we (my …Read more