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Vintage Glamour on Your Wedding Day

December 19th. 2016

If you love all things Art Deco and vintage-inspired, you are going to fall head over heels for London bridal design house Eliza Jane Howell. Created by Gill Harvey (and named after her grandmother) Eliza Jane Howell is a collection of exquisite Old World designs destined for modern brides with a love of glitz and glamour in a timeless form. …Read more

Get Shorty!!! Vintage style wedding dresses

December 08th. 2016

There is something so charming and fun about 1950s tea-length wedding dresses. For all you brides with a pending summer wedding (the ideal season for a shorter hemline) this is an excellent choice! Tealength dresses are a fabulous alternative to your classic floor length wedding gowns and believe it or not, is particularly suited to a shorter  ladies who don’t …Read more