What To Know Before Coming For Your Appointment

Here is a little something to know about us before your appointment. This is not an exhaustive list but we just know as a bride/person in the modern world one does not have time to read long lists 🙂

  1. NB* The dresses in the shop are the actual dresses that are for sale. If you would prefer a reorder dress our Limerick store might be a better option for you 🙂
  2. NB* Our advice is to come open to the possibility of choosing your dress on the day as we have just one of each dress.
  3. Our dresses are priced €300-€1000 which is up to 80% off their RRP.
  4. A small deposit of €200 will secure your dress meaning it is removed from the rail and cannot be bought by anyone else (provided full payment is made within agreed time).
  5. We want to keep our dresses clean for you and other brides so please avoiding wearing tan and makeup on your neck.
  6. As ugly as you may think they are, it is a good idea to wear highrise seamless underwear and a nude bra for your appointment.
  7. Our stock turns over regularly, therefore dresses advertised on our website/social media may no longer be available. We do our best to keep our website/social media updated in this regard however.
  8. Please give at least 24 hours notice by text if you cannot make your appointment.
  9. Have a great time 🙂